I always have the same answer- the best camera on earth is the one you have access to. Unless you plan on trying to make your photography your means of livelihood(or somehow just have tons of extra cash to throw around)there’s no reason to buy an up to date/top of the line body. 

I currently shoot with a D7000- it’s probably the best thing you can get under a grand in terms of bodies. But honestly if you’re just shooting for a hobby right now, I’d recommend a Rebel t3 or t2i. They’re dirt cheap in context of their performance and they’re a great starter dslr. 

And thank you, so much!

Putting together the online store so prints can be ordered tonight.

So I finally have internet and I’m putting together the selection of photographs I’ll have available for prints. Some will be a limited run, others will be available indefinitely. 

If there are any images of mine you’ve seen floating around that you want specifically- this is the place to tell me! Just send me the link to the image and I’ll find the hi-res file on my hard drive and have it all prepped to be printed and shipped.


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